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"By unifying the Chamber, Business Associations, Elected Officials, Business Owners, and Community, we will work together to keep commerce, jobs and tax revenue within our town."

Important Contacts for Galt Shop Local
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Twin Cities Shopping Area
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For further information contact:

Galt City Council:  209-366-7121
Ann Ullrich at 209-745-1568
Galt District Chamber of Commerce: 209-745-2529. 
To advertise your business contact Mel Shamblen: 209-744-7800
or mshospitality@hotmail.com
E-mail: info@galtshoplocal.com

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Galt, California....What is so special about this place?  Located between Sacramento and Stockton on Old Hwy 99 in the center of the Lodi Appellation, one of California's largest and oldest wine growing regions.  An agricultural center and home to the Future Farmers of Americas regional offices. On the Edge of The Sacramento / San Joquin Delta.  Look further to see why Galt is a great little place to Live and Visit!

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