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LInk, Logo and Deals Page Advertising is an inexpensive way to get new customers and goes to Help support Galt Shop Local!

The website is ready and Galt Shop Local is beginning to make headway.  The site and the organization are an effort of the City of Galt in cooperation with The Galt Chamber of Commerce to help promote Shopping in Galt.  Our website is an integral part of helping to support this project.  This is a means of supporting  ALL Galt shop owners, home business owners, etc.   Every business in Galt may advertise their wares and services through this website at very reasonable cost.  As an organization much of the money earned through your listing and advertising will go back into the organization to help build a strong Galt Shop Local advertising campaign.   Let's all get started promoting GALT SHOP LOCAL!

Deals Page Advertising:
To put your local deal on the Shop Local Deals site.  All you need to do is create a 3.5" X 5" Ad and copy it to jpeg format, or write me an e-mail with some ideas of what you want on your ad. send the ad to :  Then make a payment with the Buy Now button.  Once I have it all I will put it together and your done.  Your ad may run as long as you wish...each time you change it or make a new ad you must make a new payment.  $25.00